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The average office worker keeps track of between 20 to 40 different username and password combinations!

With so many to remember it’s no wonder many of us use the same ones over and over or have a running list of passwords saved somewhere on our computer or phone.

Passwords are a very serious and expensive security risk. The big question is — can we break our bad habits?

The first use of the computer password dates back to the early 1960s at MIT at the time computers were these huge contraptions that could only manage the work of one person…

Have you ever tried to learn a new language and just felt overwhelmed, confused or bored?

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Did you feel that maybe your brain just doesn’t work that way and that you’re not able to grasp language learning? I know I did. But, if you think about it, you did successfully learn a language - your first one!

So how were you first exposed to language as a baby? How did you start to understand what would have been to you a new language? How did you then begin to process, produce and remember that language?

The answer to this could…

The invisible force powering the Internet.

On July 29, 1858, two steam-powered mega ships met in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where they connected two ends of a 2,500 mile long cable linking for the first time the European and North American continents by telegraph (a bit like an email but with less Grumpy Cat memes).

The first message, by Queen Victoria, took over 17 hours to deliver, at 2 minutes and 5 seconds per letter by Morse code. Even though the cable worked for less than a month due to a variety of technical failures, a global revolution had begun.

Today, there are around…

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Free WiFi has become a necessity in the hotel industry. I’m loathed to write this next bit but I wouldn’t book a hotel without it.

guest expectations

Most hotels, even the big boys, are reluctant to spend good money to do it right. Going back to the loathing part, guest surveys have repeatedly found that good WiFi is more important than a comfortable bed — throw up emoji.

If it’s so important — why does hotel WiFi so consistently suck?

too many or not enough access points (APs)

I was staying at a hotel in the Algarve a few weeks…

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